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Posts from February 2021

From time to time we look back at the ever growing list of our Blog posts – over 300 to date (!) – and are surprised we haven’t covered a particular topic. This week’s is a very good example of what we’re talking about, particularly as it’s something we can virtually guarantee that everyone has experienced at some time or other. 
Despite this, it tends to be thought of as just “one of those things” which will usually disappear as quickly as it appeared. Although, often, it’s a gentle reminder we haven’t been looking after ourselves quite as well as we thought. Or, perhaps, have overstretched the mark. 
Have you guessed what we’re talking about yet? Headaches. 
Like us, you’ve probably been amazed – and amused (!) – by just how creative people can be with their reasons for doing something. Ironically, it’s often something they admit they’d be better off not doing in the first place… 
Or, perhaps, it’s for not doing something. And, again, a large dose of irony is often involved; as this usually comes straight after them saying it’s something they really want to do. 
Talk about sending out mixed messages, both to ourselves and the world around us. 
And, while we smile at some of the things children come out with, we’re not talking about them here. Rather those well into adulthood who really should know better. 
How times change. Not long ago, any mention of the Pelvic Floor was made in hushed tones, usually in connection with the mysteries of pregnancy. For some reason, there seemed to be an assumption it only applied to women (!), leaving men immune and blissfully unaware. Which always makes us smile, given its important supportive function. More about this in a minute. 
So, having dispelled the most common myth – that men don’t have one (!) – let’s shed a little more light on this potentially confusing topic. 
With our increasingly technological lives delivering just about anything we want, when we want it – and we’re not just talking about Amazon (!) – it’s easy to forget there’s much more to life than going full steam ahead all the time. The popular “busy, busy, busy” approach to life which can, all too easily, degenerate into being more like being a bull in a china shop. 
Not only is it quite natural for our lives to ebb and flow, it’s essential they do. 
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