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Posts from December 2022

Nearly there, only four days to go. Deep calming breaths all round… 
Having tried to inject a little sanity – and perspective – into proceedings in the last couple of weeks (!), we’re going to use our last post of the year to give you a radical thought to help see you through the festivities. As well as life in general. 
It’s a quick and easy way to take back control from the Little Monster in your Head, who’s even more vocal at this time of year. Even better, it can be used on any OMG scenario that he’s busy embroidering into the worst possible outcome. And, we’ve all fallen foul of this trick at some time or other… 
Ready? Then here we go... 
Yes, it does! 
Having started our bid to inject a little commonsense and, dare we say it, perspective (!) into the run up to Christmas; we’re going to continue this week with a reminder that quality trumps quantity every time. Or, put another way, less is definitely more… 
And, yes, we fully appreciate this is the exact opposite of accepted wisdom – and we use that last word with some reservations (!) – for this time of year… 
Goodness, it’s December already – deep calming breaths all round (!) – and the madness of the festive season is already starting to gain momentum. Having seen some rather frazzled Clients in the last few days, we thought it was time for a dose of common sense. That’s if we dare use those two words in the same breath, Christmas and common sense (!). 
Moving swiftly on, we’re going to use the posts running up to the big day (!) to try and inject a little sanity into proceedings. And, in the process, help reduce the collective blood pressure and less than reasonable expectations about the season. 
Ready? Then here we go. 
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