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A couple of days earlier than usual – just to confuse everyone (!) – a quick reminder that we’re going to take a short break from our weekly blog posts, back as usual on Wednesday 12th June. 
However, with nearly 500 posts on our blog page, there are still plenty to choose from in the meantime! 
So, why not play “lucky dip” and choose a month to have a look at? 
Like us, you may not have come across this word before. Tolerations. 
And, if we’re completely honest, we weren’t 100% sure it was a “proper” word, so ended up checking it in an online dictionary. Much to our surprise, it was there, although the first definition we came across wasn’t particularly helpful: 
“The practice of tolerating something, in particular, differences of opinion or behaviour.” 
First things first, a very happy – and healthy – 2023, may it be a great year for you! 
Having tried to inject a little common sense into the festive season during December (!), we thought we’d continue this theme into the bright, shiny New Year. And, there are no prizes for guessing what we’re turning our attention to this week. New Year’s resolutions. Or, as we usually refer to them, the dreaded New Year’s resolutions. 
Why dreaded you may ask? 
Mention Adrenal Fatigue to a conventional practitioner and you’ll probably receive a rather short and sharp answer. That it’s complete rubbish. A myth. How the – often vague – set of symptoms being experienced are probably all in your mind. Oh and there isn’t a specific blood test to diagnose it. Sadly, this isn’t a joke but something we hear all too often from Clients. 
At best, another label may be put on the symptoms. Depression. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Glandular Fever which, ironically, may not show up on a blood test either depending on the virus concerned. However, as these all mean that the deeper underlying cause isn’t identified, any improvement tends to be short term at the best. 
Mid September already, so it’s time for our traditional look forward – if that’s the right word (!) – to the cooler months and things you can do at home to help yourself. As usual, it’s all about a little common sense and the little things we do every day, usually without giving them a second thought. Whether for their immediate or cumulative effects… 
Like last year, we’re not going to repeat the usual advice, but instead give a difference perspective on this time of year. So, if you need a quick reminder about susceptibility and why there really isn’t any bogeyman out there waiting to pounce on you, click here.  
For the more usual advice for this time of year click here and here
Last week, we celebrated our 400th blog post by highlighting some of the mindset topics that come up again and again with Clients. If you missed it click here
So, this week, we’re going to continue on a similar theme and return to a post made back in 2016. It concerns a trend that has become increasingly obvious to us in recent years, but dates back at least a couple of decades – if not further back still – and has been gathering pace in recent years. 
Supplements are big business these days and much more than the traditional multi vitamins and minerals. Just about every vitamin and mineral is available along with herbal extracts and proprietary formulas for every possible health concern. Here in the UK, it’s estimated that £1.3 billion will be spent on them this year – 2021 – with the market growing every year. 
However, from conversations with Clients, it’s clear there’s still a huge amount of confusion about them. It’s a subject we’ve touched on before but one well worth revisiting. 
The first question which comes up is obvious and guaranteed to polarise people into two opposing – and usually vociferous (!) – camps. 
In recent years the consumption of vegetable oils has increased dramatically while that of butter, lard and other animal products have shown a marked decline. As so often is the case, no single factor is responsible for this change, although the popularity of the Mediterranean Diet in the 1960’s and 1970’s probably helped kickstart this trend. 
The logic behind the diet was simple, trying to emulate the health benefits from the diet of those living in and around the Mediterranean. In other words, a wholefood and locally sourced diet centring around fresh produce. Fresh vegetables, salad, fruit, nuts, beans and grains with smaller amounts of protein, predominately fish, along with unsaturated fats, such as Olive Oil. And it’s these last two foods which are key to what we’re talking about today, as you’ll see in a moment. Fish and Olive Oil. Other meat and dairy products were only occasionally eaten. Oh, and don’t forget plenty of red wine (!). 
Traditionally, Osteoporosis was thought of as a “woman’s disease”, affecting ladies of a certain age (!), with little that could be done about it. Whether proactively or reactively. Not an encouraging picture and one which is now proving far from true on both counts. 
Sadly, Osteoporosis is now affecting many more people. Not only younger women, but children and men too. At the same time, research has found that it’s not simply a hormonal issue but, once again, lifestyle factors play a large part. 
Having had similar conversations with a number of Clients recently – which is always a gentle hint that it’ll make a good topic for a blog post (!) – it seemed like a good time to share our rather different perspective on illness. One most people have never considered. And that is the amount of energy it takes to be ill. 
Confused? Then read on, it’ll all make sense in a minute. Yes, it will! 
If you’ve been unlucky enough to have Flu – or something similar (!) – the one thing you’re likely to remember above all others, was how exhausted you felt. As one Client so eloquently put it, if someone had offered him a £50 note to get out of bed and go downstairs, he wouldn’t have been able to do it. 
Why is that? 
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