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They aim to provide a different perspective on a wide range of issues and are opinions based on the  
knowledge, research and experience we have built up over many years.  
You are welcome to use them as part of your own research and reach your own conclusions.  
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Posts from April 2017

With the clocks having changed a few of weeks ago – and the annual fortnight in the sun approaching fast – it’s not surprising that many new year’s resolutions are currently being resurrected. Particularly those focussing around looking good. And, as an added bonus, feeling good too (!). 
One thing we’re guaranteed to be asked about at this time of year is the dreaded orange peel skin. With so many myths and misunderstandings about it, it’s not surprising that many people succumb to some rather strange – not to mention messy and time consuming (!) – methods that promise to deal with it. Sadly these don’t tend to live up to the hype – and, when you understand what Cellulite is, it’s easy to see why. 
A few weeks ago we wrote about the amazing range of excuses people manage to come up with, particularly children. “The dog ate my homework” is one of our particular favourites and guaranteed to bring brighten any grey day (!). 
Since then we’ve had various conversations with clients on a related issue. One that also seems to bring out the creativity in people. And that’s procrastination. Or, as one client so eloquently put it, the Art of Procrastination. As she saw it, there’s a great deal of creativity involved in true procrastination. 
With the chocolate fuelled madness that marks the first bank holiday weekend of the year rapidly approaching (!), we thought this blog post would get your attention. However, as so often is the case, it isn’t quite that simple. 
True, cocoa beans do have a myriad of health benefits, as confirmed by many different studies. More on this later. Hurrah!  
Unfortunately the majority of these are lost during the manufacturing process to produce the chocolate bars we’re so familiar with. Sorry! 
This time last year we talked about the traditional spring detox, helping to clear away any ill effects of the winter, in preparation for the summer ahead. Perhaps from indulging in a little too much comfort food (!). Or having been cocooned on the sofa under a duvet for days on end… 
We extolled the virtues of rediscovering fresh fruit and veg. Even better, eating whatever fruit or veg is in season, so at its best right now. And, by the way, english asparagus is just coming into season and tastes great! 
Spending time outside in the fresh air every day. Perhaps even taking some gentle exercise such as a walk, bike ride or swim. 
Maybe even doing a gentle liver detox using Milk Thistle tincture. Or, for the more adventurous, an old fashioned naturopathic liver and gallbladder flush. 
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