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Posts from July 2018

A few weeks ago we wrote about the mixed messages we unwittingly send out each day. Thinking one thing, saying another and doing yet something else. 
It’s little wonder we can find it so challenging to get the results we want. Or, more accurately, say we want. Sometimes. When we’re really aware of we’re saying. Let alone what we’re thinking and doing. And then sending out a consistent message with our thoughts, words and actions all pointing in the same direction. 
With the summer holidays rapidly approaching, this week we’re going to focus on something that can really take the shine off your first few precious days away. And we’re not talking about the mayhem before you leave home, the joys of the airport or lottery of who you’re going to be lucky enough to sit next to on the plane (!). If you’ve ever travelled long haul, you’ll know all about it. Jet lag. 
Jet lag – Flight Fatigue or Desynchronosis, if you’d like to get technical – occurs when we travel across different time zones. It means that our internal body clock becomes out of synch with local clock time. 
Yes, we know it’s a bit of cliché, but it doesn’t stop it from being true… 
We’ve all met – or know (!) – people at both ends of the age spectrum. Those who seem to be old before their time. Or, perhaps, have always been old in terms of their outlook on life. David refers to them as “Junior Pensioners” which may be slightly uncharitable but a good way of describing them (!). 
Sadly, their glass always seems to be half empty… “It can only get worse.” “It’s all downhill from here.” “What can you expect at my age?” And we heard these all – and more – from someone in their 30’s recently… 
Then there are those who never seem to age. Who are always fully engaged in life and all the – good – things it has to offer. And, interestingly, many of them have problems that would be the end of the world to their less positive counterparts. Their glass is always half full. 
A couple of weeks ago we looked at the list of “dirtiest” fruit and vegetables for 2018. Released in America by the Environmental Working Group each year, it highlights the produce most contaminated with pesticides, rather than those most covered in soil (!). 
The importance of what we eat is a topic we regularly cover in this blog – whether directly or indirectly – but, sadly, is still seen as being very complicated or expensive by far too many people. Neither are the case, although this doesn’t seem to stop some from making it so… 
One very easy way to eat more healthily is simply to shop by the season. In other words to eat – and enjoy – whatever produce is in season right now. Whenever “right now” is. Not only does this mean that you’ll enjoy food at its best but also that it’s going to be produced locally, whether in your immediate area or country. 
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