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knowledge, research and experience we have built up over many years.  
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Posts from February 2016

Are you feeling bored? Unmotivated? Wanting to throw the alarm clock out of the window and snuggle down for a little extra uninterrupted “duvet time”? 
If so, you may have a case of the February blues! 
Traditionally January is the month when Doctors expect to see more cases of “the blues”. What with all the chickens coming home to roost after Christmas (!), not to mention credit card bills and short winter days. 
However, in our experience, February is the month when we tend to see more of “the blues.” And this year, with the added joys of the ever changing weather and grey days, our phones have been unusually busy. 
It’s a headline guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention. But is it just a good story for a slow news day or is there more to it than meets the eye? 
As so often is the case there’s much more to it than initially appears. It’s not just about the food itself, but our body’s most basic responses and innate survival mechanisms. 
And we’re not talking about the well known adrenaline fuelled extreme life or death situations; but the more insidious longer term ones of famine or seasonal food shortages. 
It’s something we all do automatically – well most people do (!) – but have you ever stopped to wonder whether it’s actually helping the person concerned? Let alone you. 
Or wondering whether we’ve suddenly lost the plot and are about to start telling people to “pull themselves together”?!? The famous English stiff upper lip and all that. 
Well, you’ll be relieved to know, neither is the case. 
It’s simply time for a different perspective on something that most people do without a second thought. 
Ready? Ok, here we go. 
It’s been a while since the last part of this rather occasional series (!) so we thought it was about time to look into another subject which has been causing concern in the alternative press over the last few years. 
Yet again, it sounds like a great idea – something to make life easier AND save time on the least popular household chores – but are we paying too a high price for this convenience? 
So what are we talking about? 
Non stick cookware or, as it tends to be generically known, Teflon. As so often is the case, the story behind Teflon is intriguing; as are the myriad of everyday products it’s now found in. 
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