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They aim to provide a different perspective on a wide range of issues and are opinions based on the  
knowledge, research and experience we have built up over many years.  
You are welcome to use them as part of your own research and reach your own conclusions.  
As always, if you have any health concerns, please consult an appropriately qualified health professional. 

Posts from December 2014

Whether you love or hate Christmas (!), this time of year is traditionally stressful, as everyone puts on their rose tinted spectacles in an attempt to create the “perfect Christmas.” 
Add to this the heady mix of unrealistic expectations – fuelled by all the hype in the media for the last few months – relatives you only see once a year and overindulgence. Sadly the results are often far too predictable. 
If we’ve been here many times before, why do we allow the same scenes to continue to be replayed year after year? 
There’s no doubt that the switching on of the first light bulb by Thomas Edison — in 1879, we’re reliably informed (!) —completely transformed our world forever. Our love affair with all things electrical quickly followed. 
In the last twenty years or so wireless technology has come to the forefront, with an estimated 50 million mobile phones in the UK and wi fi now available in most public places. 
Alongside this has come an increasing number of reports of the risks posed by modern technology. Many of these have taken the form of lurid stories in the press — particularly the tabloids — but there has also been a growing body of research which is hard to ignore. 
Last week we cast a new light – no pun intended (!) – on the biannual clock change we all take for granted. Jumping forward in the spring. Falling back in the autumn. How this may effect more than the amount of daylight we have to enjoy each day, but may also have implications for our ongoing health as well. Not to mention the economic effects of these changes for big business too... 
Many people have likened these clock changes to ongoing – and low grade – jet lag. Rather than feeling the effects for a few days – as our bodies adjust to a new time zone – we’re permanently just a little out of synch with our natural rhythms. 
But is this the only way we’ve lost touch with our natural rhythms or it is it just the tip of the iceberg? We’d say the latter is the case. 
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