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It’s a while since we’ve heard anyone mention this simple tip to help improve your eating habits. If you missed it – or had completely forgotten about it (!) – it’s quite simple. To include as many differently coloured fruits, vegetables and salad with every meal. 
Not only does it make every meal look much more interesting and appetising – hurrah (!) – but encourages a much more diverse diet bringing with it a greater selection of nutrients. So, an easy way to improve your diet with the minimum of effort. 
Yes, it’s another case of déjà vu! 
Having revisited the topic of Glyphosate a couple of a weeks’ ago – you can find it here if you missed it – we’re going to take another look at a topic that’s turned out to be much more complicated than anticipated. 
It relates to one of those health mantras that simply hasn’t delivered the desired results, despite having been part of conventional health advice since the 1960’s. While it’s aimed at those with Heart or Kidney problems, it’s generally considered a “good thing” for our health and has become a basic diet guideline. To adopt a low salt diet. 
It’s fair to say there are some topics we never expected to write about – let alone more than once – and this certainly applies to the subject of today’s blog post. What is equally true is that the initial concern of its link to certain Cancers, particularly Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, was only the start. We last wrote about this topic back in 2019 and the post can be found here
Sadly, it’s become increasingly clear that it has a much more general – and insidious – effect on our health. One which isn’t immediately obvious, if at all, but helps start the dominoes falling in completely the wrong direction and may explain the increase in many seemingly unrelated health problems over recent years. Ah, now the choice of picture makes sense! 
Goodness, mid September already, it must be time for our usual pre Winter post about the forthcoming “Colds and Flu” season. And, with the mainstream media already busy talking about the “next pandemic” and how steps are already being taken to avoid it, this year we’re going to focus on applying a little commonsense to the issue. 
Let’s start with the very obvious. Well, to us, if not to everyone else (!). 
And, if you’re wondering why we’ve put it in emboldened block capitals, it’s to get your attention to this very simple fact – and one the mainstream media continues to completely ignore. 
A couple of days earlier than usual – just to confuse everyone (!) – a quick post to say that we’re going to take a short break from our weekly blog posts, back as usual on Wednesday 20th September. 
However, with over 450 posts on our blog page, there’s still plenty to choose from in the meantime! 
You may have heard about Collagen before, although most likely in connection with skin creams for “more mature skin” that promise a radiant, wrinkle free complexion. And, if that sounds far too good to be true, then you’d be right as you’ll find out a bit later. 
However, Collagen is much more important than simply helping provide an age defying complexion (!). It’s a vital component of the body itself and plays an important part in good health. 
Traditionally thought of as an older person’s problem – and the butt of many less than sympathetic jokes / jibes (!) – poor memory seems to be affecting more and more people. And at a younger age too. 
As always, there are many theories about this, not to mention well hyped solutions, although none seem to deliver the promised for results. And, “yes” we have our own theories too (!). 
To us, it’s very simple AND very obvious. Eating a healthy diet AND drinking plenty of water are one of the cornerstones of good health. After all, if we don’t put the correct “fuel” in our tanks, how on earth can we expect our bodies to function in the way we would like? Or, put another way, “rubbish in, rubbish out.” 
Despite this, many people seem to find deciding what to eat completely confusing and overwhelming. Let alone what may – or may not be (!) – a good choice. 
From time to time, we look back over our list of blog posts. Seeing what we have – and haven’t (!) – talked about before. Wondering how we ever could have missed a particular topic, as well as the ones that have come up several times. Often, they’re topics you wouldn’t immediately think of as needing another blog post, but they keep coming up, whether with Clients or in some of the many resources we use. And, yes, we do a lot of research on a daily basis, whether linked to issues with particular Clients or to keep abreast of ongoing changes. 
Today, it’s one of those topics we’ve already written about several times before, as well as having mentioned in passing many other times. Vegetable oils. 
It’s been a while since we’ve answered one of those – not as simple as you’d think – questions, which people love to ask us.  
It concerns one of the most common injuries and one we’ve all experienced from time to time, for a whole host of different reasons. Most often, from simply bumping or “catching” ourselves as we go about our day. Sometimes alongside more potentially serious injuries, such broken bones or torn ligaments. Ranging from a slight tenderness to a multi coloured delight – particularly as they wear off. And not forgetting the stories of exactly how they happened, with David having heard more than his fair share of “Was that really a good idea at the time?” stories over the years! 
So, what are we talking about this week? 
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