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Posts from April 2018

It’s been a while since one of those – not as easy to answer as you’d think – questions (!), which the younger members of the family love to ask us. And, with this time of year also marking the start of the Hayfever season, it seemed like the perfect time to write about it. 
So what are we talking about this week? Sneezing. Or, if you’d like to get technical, sternutation which comes from the Latin word “sternuo” meaning to “sneeze, splutter or crackle.” 
While the sound may be the same, different nationalities have very different ways of describing a sneeze. In the UK and America it’s “achoo”; in France it’s “atchoum”; “Hakashun” in Japan and “Ha-ching” in the Philippines. 
A couple of weeks ago we focussed on one of those well known clichés which most people have never stopped to think about. Living to work versus working to live. 
As so often is the case, our observations have inadvertently ruffled a few feathers and led to some rather “interesting” conversations (!). Particularly with those who have always worn their long working hours as a badge of honour and are now seeing them in a rather different – and less positive – light. 
So, while we’re on this topic, we’d like to give you a rather different perspective on a related topic. Retirement. 
Ready? Then here we go. 
Turn the clock back a couple of decades and Diabetes was rarely heard of. And, if it was, only in older people who also tended to be overweight and sedentary. Hence the risk factors being summed up as being “fair, fat and over 40” (!). 
Type II Diabetes, also known as “Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes”, was rarely seen in those under the age of 40 and could usually be controlled by diet. Or, occasionally, medication such as Metformin. 
Come back to the present day and the picture has changed out of all recognition. Figures released in 2016 estimated that, in the UK alone, 137,000 new cases were reported by Doctors during the previous year in addition to the 1.5 million of the previous decade. Let’s just repeat those figures. 137,000 new cases in a single year. 1.5 million new cases in the previous decade. 
We know this is a bit of a cliché – and one you may well have heard many times before – but it often comes to mind when people talk about what they do. 
What interests us is that they rarely describe exactly what they do in a way that’s easily understood by the other person. “I own and run a business making widgets for the engineering industry” OR “I design and build bespoke homes for people” OR “I help people improve and maximise their health.” 
Instead they’ll give you their job title which, often, isn’t very helpful at all. “I’m a Director” OR “I’m a Builder” OR “I’m a Doctor.” And, by prefacing it with “I am”, their job becomes their identity. 
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