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Posts from August 2023

We’ve talked before about how focussing on what you don’t want – or desire (!) – isn’t the same as focussing on what you do. And, yes, we know this goes completely against prevailing logic. 
While they may look like two sides of the same coin, they’re VERY DIFFERENT, for one simple reason. One which seems to evade most people. Focussing on what you DON’T WANT is still putting all the energy and emphasis on the unwanted outcome. It’s NOT putting it into the one you’d like. 
You may have heard about Collagen before, although most likely in connection with skin creams for “more mature skin” that promise a radiant, wrinkle free complexion. And, if that sounds far too good to be true, then you’d be right as you’ll find out a bit later. 
However, Collagen is much more important than simply helping provide an age defying complexion (!). It’s a vital component of the body itself and plays an important part in good health. 
We love dispelling those “truths” – probably better described as “myths” – which so many people seem to automatically accept as true, without having first given them any conscious thought. Well, if we’re completely honest, any thought at all. 
They then use their supposed failure to live up to this particular “truth” – whatever it may be – as a reason to beat themselves up. Or, more accurately, the Little Monster in their Heads uses it as a reason to beat them up. Cue a very rapid and negative downward spiral... 
So, what’s the “truth” we’re going to put under the spotlight this week? 
Traditionally thought of as an older person’s problem – and the butt of many less than sympathetic jokes / jibes (!) – poor memory seems to be affecting more and more people. And at a younger age too. 
As always, there are many theories about this, not to mention well hyped solutions, although none seem to deliver the promised for results. And, “yes” we have our own theories too (!). 
Clients often ask us why they don’t seem to be getting the results they desire, particularly where they’ve been putting a lot of time and energy into personal development and it doesn’t seem to be bearing fruit. While it’s very simple in theory – just keep your focus on the direction you wish to go and what you desire – as so often is the case, there are many different variables to take into account. 
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