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We love dispelling those “truths” – probably better described as “myths” – which so many people seem to automatically accept as true, without having first given them any conscious thought. Well, if we’re completely honest, any thought at all. 
They then use their supposed failure to live up to this particular “truth” – whatever it may be – as a reason to beat themselves up. Or, more accurately, the Little Monster in their Heads uses it as a reason to beat them up. Cue a very rapid and negative downward spiral... 
So, what’s the “truth” we’re going to put under the spotlight this week? 
Well, it’s one that’s very common in people going down the personal development path. It’s also found in those on more of a religious or ethical path. And, if those all sound mutually exclusive, they have much more in common than first appears. After all, they all share a common underlying purpose of realising our full potential, albeit in different ways. 
Have you guessed what it is yet? 
That we all have a single life’s purpose – or calling – that will make our lives complete. Full stop. End of story. 
Unfortunately, many people find it isn’t quite that simple. Spending much of their lives searching for THE single purpose that will make somehow make their lives complete, but never quite finding it. And, in the process, making themselves – and, often, those around them – miserable, not to mention missing out on what life is really all about. 
While it’s a very seductive thought, we all have a myriad of aptitudes, skills and abilities. Not to mention experiences and opportunities. And these can all be used in many different ways, at different times. 
While some people may have a single burning desire or life’s purpose, whether from an early age or following one defining moment, most people don’t. However, this doesn’t mean they’re somehow missing out on all that life has to offer. 
Some people have several – or many – different purposes, whether at the same time or at different times during their lives. Taking them down different paths and making it possible for them to put their energy into several completely different purposes during their lives. All successfully, both for themselves and for those around them. 
Added to this – and with the power of hindsight – it often becomes apparent that one paved the way for another. Perhaps by allowing the appearance or development of new skills or honing those already apparent. Providing experiences that were used and built upon at a later date. 
So, rather than focussing on going on some sort of quest to find THE single life’s purpose, it’s time for a simpler and guilt free solution. One that bypasses the ongoing barrage from the Little Monster in your Head. Puts the idea of there being a single – “right” – life’s purpose firmly to one side. 
Instead of embarking on a seemingly endless quest for your life’s calling, listen for life’s call. To the quiet little voice – your intuition – whispering in your ear to go this way, do that and what about the other. At the same time, being receptive to all the hints life gives you. The opportunities and people that cross your path. All those instances of serendipity that seem to magically appear and always take you in the right direction, whether it’s obvious at the time or not. 
In other words, it’s all about responding to life in its entirety and without hesitation. Diving in and following the call – or hints – life may give you. Living life to the full. 
And, yes, we know the Little Monster in your Head will probably have lots to say about this more relaxed, intuitive approach. How it’s not practical, what about all your obligations, family and much more besides. But, if you can ignore his insistent tones for a moment, just stop and think about all the best decisions you made. And you’ll quickly realise these were all down to listening to life’s call while ignoring the Little Monster in your Head. 
We know we’ve said it many times before, but we’ll say it again. Life is all about making the most of the experience, not an endless quest for an unspecified something you may – or may not – achieve. It’s a gift, to be enjoyed and relished, lived to the full. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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