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Radionics is a little known therapy which dates back to the 1930's and is described in many different ways. The most common are energy medicine, distance healing or “the black box”. It has much in common with Homeopathy and Acupuncture. 

Suitable for people, animals and plants 

Like Homeopathy, Radionics is suitable for people of all ages and treats every person as an individual. Being underpinned by the concept that every person has their own unique energy flows and patterns, it also has a similar philosophy to Acupuncture. Where these energy flows are in a state of balance and harmony, the person will be in good health. However, where these become blocked or distorted, then ill health may occur. 
Since every living thing has its own particular energy flows and patterns, Radionics is also suitable for animals and plants too. 
It’s been used by pet owners and farmers for decades and not just those pursuing traditional or organic methods of animal husbandry. It may be used for a single animal or pet, or for a complete herd of animals – or flock of birds. 
Radionics has also been utilised by gardeners, farmers or nurserymen for many years; whether on its own or alongside conventional methods of cultivation. It may be used for single specimen plants / trees or for gardens, fields or greenhouses. 

Takes place on an ongoing basis 

Unlike the other therapies we offer, Radionics takes place on an ongoing basis, so does not require a regular fixed appointment. This means it can be used regardless of where you’re living, whether here in the UK or abroad. You simply provide progress reports by phone, text or e mail so that your treatments can be updated as necessary. 
Elaine and David are both fully qualified Radionics Practitioners. 
They trained at the Keys College of Radionics in Oxfordshire for three years and are also tutors for the College. 
If you’re wondering what Radionics is like, here’s what some of our clients have said: 
“Acupuncture helped greatly for many years with my particular requirements and I now find that Radionics is as beneficial – and without the needles! MR.” 
"Having tried a variety of different therapies, a friend suggested Radionics. Elaine and David made me feel like I was the only person they were treating and I can't believe how much better I'm feeling now. Radionics has also been a great help to my horse. He is now the horse I hoped to own and bond with. My grateful thanks for all their help and advice. " JP. 
To arrange Radionics – or find out more – please call, text or email us. 
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