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Posts tagged “New perspectives”

And, “no”, we’re not talking about any of the “stuff” the mainstream media try to convince us will assure our success / happiness / fill in the blank. Money. Titles. Degree. Latest “must have.” 
In fact, it’s so simple it’s easily overlooked. Often thought of as rather old fashioned or quaint. Despite that, we can guarantee it’ll make you stand out from the crowd and everyone will love you for it. 
Have you guessed what it is yet? 
It’s been a while since we’ve devoted a blog post to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, particularly the amount of time we spend sitting each day. Our last post on this topic can be found here
Interestingly, when we mention this to people, they always seem to focus on one particular aspect of their lives; the time spent at work – school or college – rather than their lives as a whole. While this may account for quite a chunk of time each day, it’s not the complete picture. What about all those other times during the day we’re sat down? Travelling. Eating. Relaxing at home, whether in front of the “one eyed monster” or on our favourite device. 
There are so many things we take for granted – as being true – that we never stop to give them a second thought. Whether they really are true or, at least, true for us – let alone anyone else… 
Some are so fundamental that we probably haven’t thought about them since we were at school. The Sun will rise each morning and set each evening. Stars shine in the night sky. Earth turn and gravity stop us from “falling off” and spinning out into space (!). 
Perhaps you’ve heard this rather old fashioned saying before, whether the sewing metaphor resonates with you or not (!). 
If it doesn’t – and you’d prefer a more up to date version – here goes. Pro active beats reactive every time. 
Usually trotted out in connection with problems, the logic behind it is quite simple and self explanatory. The sooner you deal with a potential problem, the better, as it’s likely to be simpler, easier and quicker to deal with. It not, you run the risk of it becoming bigger or more difficult to resolve. Dare we say it, basic common sense really… 
While the title of this week’s post may be stating the blindingly obvious (!), in this high tech world of ours it’s all too easy to reach for the painkillers at the first sign of any pain or discomfort. 
Sadly, this trend is borne out by the figures, although there’s a huge variety in those being quoted, let alone in different countries with, unsurprisingly, America leading the way. Despite this, the message is the same. Prescriptions of opium based painkillers have increased dramatically in the last 10 years with no signs of this trend being reversed. 
We love this expression and it perfectly sums up what we’d like to talk about today. If you haven’t come across this phrase before, it dates back to the Middle Ages and was used by map makers to indicate unchartered areas. As little was known about them they were assumed to be dangerous, harbouring all sorts of monsters and other unmentionable beasts. Hence the warning writ large on early maps. 
Looking at this through modern eyes, it’s easy to laugh at such beliefs or superstitions. How on earth could anyone possibly believe such a ludicrous thing? However, before we mock too much, the unpalatable truth is that every person – and generation – has their own particular set of dragons. Unchartered territories they prefer to avoid. And we’re not just talking about physical areas either. What about all those new – or different – ideas, ways of doing things or dreaded emotions we’ll do anything to avoid? 
With the chocolate fuelled madness that marks the first bank holiday weekend of the year rapidly approaching (!), we thought this blog post would get your attention. 
Yes, cocoa beans do have a myriad of health benefits, as confirmed by many different studies. More on this in a moment. Hurrah! 
Unfortunately, the majority of these are lost during the manufacturing process, to produce the chocolate we’re so familiar with. And not forgetting the huge amounts of sugar and fat most chocolate products contain. 
Have you noticed that most people prefer to take advice from someone they know – even if they haven’t a clue about the subject under discussion – than someone who’s actually “been there, done that and got the t shirt”? 
It’s one of those modern day mysteries and, when you take time to look at it, makes no sense at all.  
So, why do people still do it? 
It’s interesting the responses our blog posts evoke and how often they’re completely different to what we expected. 
Our recent posts about how we view the world – that it’s all a matter of perspective AND it really isn’t all about us – are good examples of this. 
Not surprisingly, we regularly talk to Clients about their diet and the impact it may be having on their health generally – or a particular issue. To us, much of our advice comes under the “common sense” heading, although it’s amazing – to us at least (!) – how often it comes as a complete revelation to other people… 
This means we’ve learnt to be much more specific on what does – and definitely does not (!) – tick the “healthy diet” boxes. We did a slightly tongue in cheek reminder about this a while ago, it can be found here


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