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Posts from August 2017

With the end of the summer holidays approaching – for grown ups as well as children (!) – this week we’re looking ahead to the autumn. Not only to glorious September days – where it’s too nice to be indoors (!) – but also to the less welcome start of the Colds and Flu season. 
And, yes, we can hear a collective groan at the mere mention of another winter. Let alone the start of another school – or work (!) – year. But, please, bear with us there’s a very good reason for us mentioning it now. Forewarned is forearmed after all. 
There are so many simple things you can do now that will pay dividends later. Not only in avoiding the lurgies doing the rounds but also to improve your overall health. As so often is the case, if you get the simple things right everything else starts to fall into place.  
Then, in a couple of weeks’ time, we’ll look at what you can do if the worst happens. 
We heard this question recently and, like the person posing it, expected an answer along the usual lines. Do a stretch or two. Have a shower. Don’t forget breakfast. Clean your teeth. 
Instead, a completely unexpected one came back. 
Be grateful – and happy – that you’re alive. 
It’s such a simple answer – and so obvious – and yet when did we last do it? Wake up being truly grateful and happy that we’re alive.  
Greeted the new day with a big smile. 
It’s been a while since we’ve tackled one of those questions without a simple answer that children love to ask. And, as it’s the summer holidays, there’s still time for plenty more! So we thought it was time for a little research on something we all do every day without ever thinking about. 
The easy – and obvious – answer is that we yawn when we’re tired. Or bored. Or both. 
The traditional explanation for yawning is that we breathe less deeply when we’re tired or bored. This means that the body takes in less oxygen, leading to an increase of carbon dioxide levels in the blood. Which, in turn, causes us to yawn and so breathe more deeply, taking in more oxygen and releasing more carbon dioxide. As a result we feel more alert. Less tired and bored. 
Over the years we’ve noticed that many people come to us seeking a magic bullet to cure their problem(s). Instantly. And, this is the crucial bit, without them needing to do anything themselves. Or, heaven forbid, making any changes to the way they choose to live their lives. 
Not only do they want a magic solution, but they tend to be extremely selective in considering where the problem may actually have come from in the first place. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s to do with their health, relationships, finances, work or something else entirely. They always seem to look for an external reason for whatever the problem may be. 
At this time of year many a day is marred by the unwanted attentions of those “flying beasties”. Perhaps it’s the dreaded gnats, midges or mosquitos on the lookout for an easy meal. Or a wasp or bee on the defensive. Either way, a bite or sting can ruin anyone’s day. 
So, this week, we’re going to have a look at these beasties, as well as giving you a few tricks to help prevent being bitten in the first place. And, if the worst happens, speeding things on their way. 
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