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Posts from July 2017

It’s a sentiment we’ve all felt at times. And one we hear from clients from time to time, not to mention family and friends too(!). It’s underpinned by the feeling that they’ve been singled out for some special – and unwarranted – treatment. As though some higher force – whoever or whatever that may be – thinks they deserve particular punishment for some unspecified act or crime. 
Perhaps it’s another person’s behaviour, an illness, society as a whole, government or something else completely different. Whatever the source, the message coming over loud and clear is that IT’S NOT FAIR AND they feel powerless to do anything about it. Just imagine a small child sulking and you get the picture. 
Looking back over the nearly 150 blog posts we’ve written in the last three years, sugar has featured several times as the topic of the week. It’s also been mentioned numerous times as playing a part in many of the health issues we’ve discussed. In fact cutting down sugar, along with drinking more water (!), are two of the pieces of advice we most often give clients. 
One thing we find particularly interesting is how few people seem to realise that sugar is a relatively recent addition to our diets. It all started with sugar cane – a grass that only grows in tropical climates – and continued with sugar beet – a root crop found in more temperate climates. Today, over half of the world’s sugar comes from sugar beet. 
However, it isn’t the white – highly processed – sugar we’re familiar with that we wanted to focus on today but its predecessor. And the natural alternative to sugar. Honey. 
This week we thought we’d keep our blog post short and sweet and pose a question that, in most cases, has tricked everyone into giving the wrong answer. Ourselves included (!). 
So, without further ado, here it is: 
Five birds are sitting on a fence. Two decide to fly south. How many are left? 
If we’re completely honest we’d never come across the expression “Special Snowflake” until very recently. And “yes”, we know what some of you are probably thinking, there really is no hope for us! However synchronicity has played its part yet again, as it perfectly ties in with what we wanted to talk about today. 
So, for those of you who are equally behind the times (!), here’s what the online dictionary has to say about “Special Snowflakes”: 
“A person with supposedly unique characteristic or attributes that entitle them to privileged treatment or particular consideration.” 
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