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Having started this shiny new year – and decade (!) – with posts designed to get you thinking, we thought we’d take it easy this week. So, we’re going to keep it simple, short and sweet. Hurrah! 
So, what are we going to talk about?  
Well, it’s something that we adults – and, sadly, too many children – spend far too little time doing. That’s if we do it at all. Playing. 
And, we’re not talking about all those games on your favourite electronic gizmo. Or, even, the more old fashioned board games or card games. Let alone anything more physical or “organised” in some other way. 
There are some clichés which have stood the test of time and bear repeating. So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do this today. That life is all about choices
Some are made consciously, others unconsciously or by default. However, regardless of the method used and whatever was done – or not done (!) – there are ALWAYS consequences. Sorry, but it’s true! Welcome and less so. Large or small. Immediate or seeds sown far into the future. 
Despite this, it seems that many people find it difficult to link the choices they made at some time in the past, with whatever they’re now experiencing in their lives. In other words, the cause and effect. 
Not surprisingly, this can lead to a feeling of powerlessness. That things are happening to them. Or, worse, that life – for some reason – is out to get them. “Why does this always happen to me?” A downward spiral quickly develops. 
Why is this? Well, there are a variety of reasons. 
There are some traditions which never seem to change, with the making – and breaking (!) – of New Year’s Resolutions being a seasonal example of this. It’s a topic we cover every January, albeit from various different angles, and, if you want a quick reminder, here they are: 
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So, we thought it was about time for a different start to this bright new shiny year and decade (!). It’s a simple question that’s designed to get you thinking and, fingers crossed, will also give you a different perspective on life. 
We’ve all been in situations where – for whatever reason – we haven’t been able to admit that we haven’t a clue about whatever it is. We just don’t know. 
And it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s something big or small, of great importance or of little consequence. We simply don’t like admitting that we don’t know. 
We’d also be willing to bet that, as you’re reading this, the Little Monster in your head has quite a lot to say about this simple statement. How it definitely applies to everyone else but not you (!). How you’ve never done such a thing. As if. And the like… 
And, if your halo is shining and think this doesn’t apply to you, think again! 
Whether we like to admit it or not, we all carry around a little – or a lot (!) – unfinished business with us. Big or small. Far in the past or much more recent. Something we try to turn a blind eye to – or perhaps not... 
Unfinished business is like a heavy bag we’re lugging around with us all the time. Draining our energy and getting in the way. Distracting us from the here and now. 
And it’s not just our precious time and energy that we’ve wasted by starting something we’ve never quite finished. Often, leaving something open – in limbo – is much more draining than doing something about it. As well as the effects its ripples have over our life as a whole. And we’ve all found out about that at some time or other (!). 
With the annual madness that is Christmas / Thanksgiving / Black Friday approaching all too rapidly, it’s easy to be swept away by it all. It’s a topic we revisit every year around this time, although from various different angles. If you’d like a quick reminder, here they are: 
How to reduce the stress of the occasion. 
A reminder that it doesn’t have to be perfect
And, for those who want to go a little further, the art of forgiveness
This year, we’d like to give you a little thought – or mantra, if you prefer – to help smooth your way through life all year round. Not just at this time of year. 
We love listening to people talking, not always for what they’re saying (!) but the words they’re using. Whether we realise it or not, we all have our own particular favourite – or “pet” – words, which we seem to use more than others. 
And then there are the “pet” phrases which can become infamous in a family or group of friends. One which springs readily to mind – and is always guaranteed to bring a rather rueful smile to family gatherings – comes courtesy of an older family member, who starts many of her observations on life with “I’m not being funny or anything but …”. The response to this is always the same, “No, you’re not being funny at all!”. 
We love this expression and it perfectly sums up what we’d like to talk about today. If you haven’t come across this phrase before, it dates back to the Middle Ages and was used by map makers to indicate unchartered areas. As little was known about them they were assumed to be dangerous, harbouring all sorts of monsters and other unmentionable beasts. Hence the warning writ large on early maps. 
It’s been a while since we wrote about meditation – July 2016 to be precise – and it’s been interesting to watch how it’s gradually become more “mainstream.” You can find the post here
Despite this, there’s no doubt that meditation does still retain its slightly hippy’ish connotations, as well as being the butt of many jokes and caricatures. This is such a shame as never has it been needed more. 
At the very least, meditation provides a simple antidote to the ever increasing pace of modern life. It allows us to hit the “pause” – or “reset” – button giving a little time away from our own particular stresses and strains. Even better, this short time away brings with it a greater objectivity, so we can then view our lives from a calmer and less subjective perspective. And that’s without all the benefits it brings to our bodies. 
With all of these good things, why is there still such resistance to it? 
We haven’t mentioned serendipity recently – or synchronicity if you prefer (!) – but either way we had a lovely example of it in action shortly after posting last week’s blog about daring to dream. It came courtesy of a blog we subscribe to. 
For a whole host of different reasons, many people seem to find it hard to start dreaming about what they really want. “Isn’t it being selfish?” “How could it ever happen?” Not to mention all the other rubbish the Little Monster in their head comes up with (!). And we’re sure your own Little Monster has their own particular favourites too… 
So, here’s a great reminder of how to get things moving in the right direction, by focussing on the positive rather than the negative.  
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