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We love this expression and it perfectly sums up what we’d like to talk about today. If you haven’t come across this phrase before, it dates back to the Middle Ages and was used by map makers to indicate unchartered areas. As little was known about them they were assumed to be dangerous, harbouring all sorts of monsters and other unmentionable beasts. Hence the warning writ large on early maps. 
Looking at this through modern eyes, it’s easy to laugh at such beliefs or superstitions. How on earth could anyone possibly believe such a ludicrous thing? However, before we mock too much, the unpalatable truth is that every person – and generation – has their own particular set of dragons. Unchartered territories they prefer to avoid. And we’re not just talking about physical areas either. What about all those new – or different – ideas, ways of doing things or dreaded emotions we’ll do anything to avoid? 
Have you noticed that most people prefer to take advice from someone they know – even if they haven’t a clue about the subject under discussion – than someone who’s actually “been there, done that and got the t shirt”? 
It’s one of those modern day mysteries and, when you take time to look at it, makes no sense at all.  
So, why do people still do it? 
It’s interesting the responses our blog posts evoke and how often they’re completely different to what we expected. 
Our recent posts about how we view the world – that it’s all a matter of perspective AND it really isn’t all about us – are good examples of this. 
We’ve mentioned – once or twice (!) – how much more control we have over our lives than we realise. While we may not be able to control everything that happens, we do control how we perceive and then respond to it. 
Or, as Sadhguru, the Indian Mystic more eloquently expressed it: 
“What happens in your life is not 100% in your control, but what you make out of it is 100% in your control.” 
Yes, we know it’s Valentine’s Day and you may have expected us to be writing about the word of the day. Love. And not, we hasten to add, the sentimental “pink” version that’s been appearing everywhere for the last few days (!). Accompanied by all those less than realistic expectations that seem to appear in its wake, with all too predictable results. Think Christmas in February… 
However, with it also having more baggage than a Samonsite store – to borrow a description we heard recently, although in that case it was about another equally baggage laden word that we’re not even going to mention (!) – we decided, instead, it was time for a gentle reality check. Both for this expectation laden day in particular and life in general. 
It’s easy to assume that whatever happens in our lives is only about us. That we’re centre stage and life revolves around us. 
And there are no prizes for guessing who’s busy telling us this, the Little Monster in our Heads. Talk about taking us out of the flow of life. Setting us up for a constant stream of disappointment, confrontation and more… 
The end result is that everything becomes personal, aimed at us specifically. And that’s regardless of how it happens. Whether intentionally or unintentionally. 
We’ve talked before about how distracted people seem to be these days. Whether by their phone – with more apps appearing every day – anti social media (!) or the preoccupation with being “busy, busy, busy.” 
Not surprisingly – well, to us at least – concentration levels have plummeted in recent years as people find it increasingly difficult to maintain a single focus. Let alone spend time on their own without any external distractions. 
If you don’t think this applies to you, just try sitting on your own in room without any form of distraction / entertainment and see how long you last before, metaphorically, starting to climb the walls. It’s been estimated that, for many people, it’s as little as five minutes. And, despite rumours to the contrary, this applies to people of all ages… 
First things first, a very happy – and healthy – 2024, may it be a great year for you! 
As regular readers of this blog will know, we’re not great fans of the usual approach to New Year’s resolutions. It’s the reason we refer to them as the dreaded New Year’s resolutions (!). 
To us, peer pressure – “I’ve decided to lose 3 stone / run the London Marathon / double my salary / fill in the blank(s) / what about you?” – plus industrial quantities of food and alcohol isn’t a good recipe for a successful outcome. Little wonder that few New Year’s resolutions make it past the first week in January, let alone have a successful or happy ending… 
With “that” time of year upon us – deep calming breaths all round (!) – it seemed like a good time for a couple of gentle reminders to make life a little easier all round… 
Ready? Then here we go. 
With so many things going on – and so much still to do – it’s all too easy to rely on sheer willpower to try and get things done. We’re sure you know the script. It goes along the lines of “I’ll get this done if it’s the last thing I do” usually muttered through gritted teeth… 
While it’s a very popular way of getting things done, the question is whether it’s the easiest way to do so. And, however much we may not want to admit it, the answer is always “no.” 
We all love stories, the more dramatic and exciting the better. After all, who doesn’t like a good reaction, whether positive or less so. 
And, if we’re honest, we tend to get so caught up in the story that we rarely stop to ask ourselves one very important question. 
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