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We all love stories, the more dramatic and exciting the better. After all, who doesn’t like a good reaction, whether positive or less so. 
And, if we’re honest, we tend to get so caught up in the story that we rarely stop to ask ourselves one very important question. 
Whether the story we’re telling is helping or hurting us?!? 
So, this week, why not STOP for a moment and NOTICE the story we’re telling about ourselves? 
Both to ourselves AND those around us. 
Perhaps, it’s a positive one. That we’re doing well, are happy and fulfilled. Enjoying life. 
More likely, it’s less so. That we’re not doing so well, are dysfunctional – or those around us are (!) – or in need of something we don’t have now. The highly popular “poor me” or “victim” story. 
Whatever story we’re telling, it’s ONLY true for as long as we continue: 
Telling it 
Believing it AND 
Living from it. 
In other words, as long as we continue giving it our focus and energy. 
At any moment we can choose to tell a new story, one that better reflects who we are and how we’d like to live our lives. 
True, it can seem rather a tall order at times, particularly during the lag between us choosing a new story and it starting to appear in our lives. 
However, once our focus and energy changes, it’s already on its way. It’s only the Little Monster in our Heads’ pre occupation with the past and “Why isn’t it here yet?” that slows the whole process down. Just looking for signs that things are changing is enough, they’re always there IF we look for them. 
So, really, “being-aware” rather than “beware” would be better words to use for the title of this week’s blog post… 
And, if you need an added impetus to take a look at the story you’re telling yourself, here’s a great quotation that helped inspire this post: 
“You must never allow something that happened to you to become a morbidly treasured heirloom that you carry, show people, put back in its black velvet pouch and then tuck back into your jacket where you can keep it close to your heart.” 
Augusten Burroughs 
So, the question is, what story would you like to tell about yourself?!? 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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