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Posts from December 2015

Not surprisingly, the subject of Christmas – AHHHH!!! – has been coming up with patients over the last few weeks and we thought it was about time to suggest a NEW, LESS STRESSFUL approach. 
Even though you probably don’t want to be reminded of it (!) let’s start with a quick reminder of the traditional recipe for Christmas: 
Continuing on the festive theme from last week, do you ever spare a thought for the person who clears up all the mess after the office party? Probably not. 
So what about your own personal cleaner who’s on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Who has a host of other duties as well. Even less likely. 
In fact we’d be prepared to bet that the only time you think about your liver is when things go slightly awry. Say, a hangover. Or, perhaps, indigestion. 
With the festive season already upon us – and stress levels rachetting up to danger levels (!) – this week we’re going to give you a way to instantly bring a little sanity back into your life. Not to mention control. 
And “yes” that really is possible, even if it seems to go completely against everything you’ve ever done before. 
So how is this miracle performed?  
Well, quite simply, with a little acceptance. 
As regular readers may have noticed we cover a wide range of topics in this blog. Our aim is always to get you thinking – whether it’s about a completely new topic or to see a familiar one from a different perspective. In doing this, it can be easy to miss the links between all the various topics and this is what we’re focussing on today. 
So if you’re still thinking that this is a very strange question – and choice of picture below (!) – read on, it’ll all make sense in a minute. 
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