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We’ve talked before about how focussing on what you don’t want – or desire (!) – isn’t the same as focussing on what you do. And, yes, we know this goes completely against prevailing logic. 
While they may look like two sides of the same coin, they’re VERY DIFFERENT, for one simple reason. One which seems to evade most people. Focussing on what you DON’T WANT is still putting all the energy and emphasis on the unwanted outcome. It’s NOT putting it into the one you’d like. 
So, with all of this energy being directed into the unwanted situation, the outcome isn’t surprising. More of the unwanted outcome. And we’ve all found out about this the hard way countless times before in our lives… If you’d like a quick reminder about why this approach will NEVER get the desired result click here
A similar and equally popular approach is to resist the situation. Grit our teeth, dig our heels in and rely on sheer willpower to try to overcome it. In other words, the traditional problem centred approach to life. But, once again – and for exactly the same reason – it fails to achieve the desired result. With all the emphasis on overcoming what we don’t want, how could it be otherwise? Again, for a reminder why the problem centred approach doesn’t work in practice, click here. 
So, where are we going with this? 
Well, it’s a little reminder that it’s ALWAYS easier to put your energy and focus into what you do desire, rather than trying to escape from what you don’t want. After all, whatever you focus on grows
Put another way, it’s the difference between moving towards something and running away it. Just think how different it feels when you’re running towards something you love and want to get to AND running away from something you’re trying to escape from. The energy is very different, as is the end result. Something you love against something you dislike and fear. 
Once it’s pointed out, it’s very obvious; but it’s amazing how often we fall back on the fear based, running away, approach with all too predictable results. 
And, there’s a great quote from Buckminster Fuller, the American Architect, Writer, Designer, Inventor, Philosopher and Futurist which sums it up perfectly: 
“You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 
And that applies to all aspects of life. Big and small, personal or worldwide. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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