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Nearly there, only four days to go. Deep calming breaths all round… 
Having tried to inject a little sanity – and perspective – into proceedings in the last couple of weeks (!), we’re going to use our last post of the year to give you a radical thought to help see you through the festivities. As well as life in general. 
It’s a quick and easy way to take back control from the Little Monster in your Head, who’s even more vocal at this time of year. Even better, it can be used on any OMG scenario that he’s busy embroidering into the worst possible outcome. And, we’ve all fallen foul of this trick at some time or other… 
Ready? Then here we go... 
First take a deep calming breath. Or, more probably, several (!). 
Take one of the scenarios the Little Monster in your Head is busy convincing you will be your worst possible nightmare. And, at this time of year, there will probably be plenty to choose from… 
Then imagine the best possible outcome for whatever it is. The most positive one you could possibly imagine, even if it seems as unlikely as a snow laden Christmas here in the UK (!). 
Having moved your focus from one of “doom and gloom”, to a much more Pollyanna’ish one, simply ask yourself “What if this really was possible?” Even better, actually happened. How good it would feel, your very own Christmas miracle. 
Then, ignoring the practicalities of how this could ever happen – which is one the of the Little Monster in your Head’s favourite ways of scuppering anything different happening – enjoy the positive feelings this brings. Have a little smile to yourself. Perhaps wonder how you could ever dare think such a thing. 
True, it may feel very strange to be thinking of things in that way but the important thing is that it keeps all the possibilities open rather than deciding it’s going to be a complete disaster. Full stop. End of story. 
Then ask yourself which approach is more likely to bring a positive outcome. Deciding that things can only be one way OR allowing them to be different? 
And it works with anything the Little Monster in your Head is trying to convince you will be one certain – and doom laden – way. So, you’ll have plenty of practice over the festive season, IF you’re brave enough to use these two very simple words. What if… 
On that positive note we wish you a very happy festive season and a great New Year!!! 
As always, the choice is yours. 
Photograph by unknown author 
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