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Yes, it does! 
Having started our bid to inject a little commonsense and, dare we say it, perspective (!) into the run up to Christmas; we’re going to continue this week with a reminder that quality trumps quantity every time. Or, put another way, less is definitely more… 
And, yes, we fully appreciate this is the exact opposite of accepted wisdom – and we use that last word with some reservations (!) – for this time of year… 
It doesn’t matter what you do – or who you spend time with – quality wins every time. And the potential excesses of this time of year provide a great example – positive and less so (!) – of the difference between these two approaches. Whether you’re caught up in them, or on the receiving end, you’ll know exactly what we mean… 
This time of year was never was about having the latest “stuff” or enough food and drink to keep an army fed and watered for a month, with much of it never reaching our plates but going straight in the bin. What a waste, to put it mildly. 
Instead, as with everything in life, it’s about quality NOT quantity. Spending time with family and friends for all the right reasons, not because it’s something to be crossed off the list for another year. 
And, if you need a hint that you may be doing something for all the wrong reasons, look out for the “should” word. It’s usually a sign you really don’t want to be doing whatever you’re doing, but are following someone else’s agenda or needs. Which never bodes well… 
Instead, decide for yourself what you would like to do. Then do it with the most positive emotions you can manage, even Great Aunt Mavis, who you could cheerfully murder for the rest of the year (!).  
This year, give everyone you see your undivided attention, even if it’s only for an hour. Really listen to them and imagine what it’s like to be in their shoes. After all, who doesn’t like to be listened to and the centre of attention from time to time?!? Perhaps give a “little something” you know will hit the spot, rather than the first thing you could grab off the shelf. 
While it may sound like much more work, it really does pay dividends. Not only does a dreaded event become much more manageable but everyone – particularly you – will feel much better about it. And, you never know, you may even enjoy it! 
So, why not make this year the one to focus on quality not quantity? 
Take the pressure off yourself and everyone else too and enjoy a relaxed – and peaceful – end to the year. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
Photograph by unknown author 
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