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With the seemingly never ending Winter we’ve “enjoyed” this year – which probably isn’t quite how most people would describe it (!) – it’s not surprising we’ve all been wondering whether the rain would ever stop. Let alone the temperatures rise enough to be able to shed at least one layer of Winter clothing… 
As so often is the case, the weather has suddenly “turned” and early Summer has arrived, bringing with it the first taste of – fingers crossed (!) – a glorious Summer to come. And, yes, our glass is still half full regardless of what life may throw at us. 
So, this week, a quick reminder about some of the joys of this time of year just waiting for you to discover and savour them. 
Top of the list – for us at least (!) – comes Asparagus
Yes, it can be a bit of an acquired taste – as Elaine found out, only being a recent convert to it – but it’s amazing how many local growers there are; all selling their freshly picked produce for a fraction of the price in a supermarket. And that’s without the freshness or lack of food miles (!). Or, if you’re a gardener, it’s easy to grow your own from Asparagus Crowns and enjoy crops for years to come. For a reminder about the delights of Asparagus, click here. 
And, while we’re on the subject of local produce, here’s one most people seem to overlook. Not only is it easy to find in any area but free too. Nettles. Or, more accurately, their tender tips. Sometimes referred to as “Spring Greens”, they’re packed full of nutrients as well as being a mainstay of any Herbalist’s kitchen. Yes, we do appreciate that Nettles have something of a PR problem – to put it mildly (!) – but, if you’re feeling adventurous and have a good pair of gloves, they really are worth a try. To find out more about the hidden side of Nettles, click here
Which brings us on to one other seasonal delight that’s very obvious at this time of year. The lovely white frothy flowers of Elderflowers. While, again, they have a slight PR issue with a less than enticing scent – and we’ll leave you to decide what you think they smell like (!) – again, they have many hidden benefits and were another staple of any Herbalist’s kitchen. 
Even better, they have many culinary uses, with Elderflower Cordial being easy to make and storing well in the freezer for many months. Whether as a refreshing drink or added to stewed fruit, such as gooseberries or rhubarb, they add a lovely light flavour to many different foods. To find out more about lovely Elderflowers, click here
While it’s easy for all things food related to grab our attention – barbeque anyone?!? – why not make the most of the warmer weather to spend some time outside? 
With the host of health benefits from being outside, it really doesn’t matter what you do. Relaxing in the sunshine – whether enjoying some time to yourself or with family or friends – pottering in the garden or doing something more energetic. Walking, running, cycling and the like. 
Just being outside ticks all the boxes and we can guarantee you’ll feel so much better for it. For a reminder why enjoying the sunshine is important – at any time of year (!) – click here
So, on that happy note, we’ll close for this week. 
However you choose to enjoy the lovely summery weather, have a great time! 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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