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(And spending the day at home, slouched in front of the TV catching up on all those things you never quite get round to watching, dressed in a random assortment of clothes, doesn’t count!) 
In this hectic modern world of ours, we seem to have lost the art of having a proper day off. Of having a real break from all the demands of our lives. And we’re not talking about your annual trip to the sun either. 
There always seem to be things to be done, whether it be catching up or trying to get ahead. And that’s without all those good intentions, we never quite get round to. 
In theory, that’s what weekends are for. In practice they usually turn out rather differently. 
And even when we do take time out to do the things we love – or spend time with family or friends – how often do we end up squeezing in other things around them? 
Looking around at family members, it doesn’t seem as though this tendency is anything new. In fact, looking back, we couldn’t ever remember a time when our parents truly had a day off either… 
So, with the Easter weekend fast approaching here’s a challenge for you. To use at least one day as a proper day off. 
As we alluded to at the start, it’s not about being lazy – or shirking your responsibilities. Instead it’s about relaxation. 
Enjoying all the things we take for granted in this wonderful world of ours. 
Spending time with those you love. 
Having a break from all the gizmos you use to distract yourself. TV, phone, internet and the like. And the dreaded facebook. Go cold turkey for the day! 
Spending some time away from your home and away from your normal routine. It’s too predictable. Too easy to get side tracked. Why not go for a walk or cycle ride somewhere different, even if it’s just around the corner? 
Perhaps visiting somewhere you’ve always been meaning to go but never quite get round to. We’re all experts at ignoring things on the doorstep, going instead for something farther afield which sounds more exotic and interesting. What about that local antique shop, farmer’s market or car boot sale? And, by the way, supermarkets and chain stores don’t count! 
And leaving time for things to “just happen.” You don’t have to plan exactly what you’re going to be doing for the entire day. Just have a rough idea and see what happens. You may be surprised. 
How ever you choose to spend your day, you’ll return refreshed with a different perspective. Simply not rushing from one thing to another, constantly clock watching, will give you a new outlook on life. And perhaps start you wondering why you don’t do it every week! 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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