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It’s been a while since we talked about mornings – not everyone’s favourite time of day, we know (!) – and how those first few minutes help set your day. Positively and less so… 
Not only that, how easy it is to overlook the most important thing of all. And one most people seem to take for granted. 
We talked about it back in 2017 and will give you the link a bit later – don’t scroll down and cheat (!) – but can you remember – or guess – what it is? 
That you woke up in the first place. Followed by a big smile. Yes, SMILE!!! 
And, if that doesn’t give you pause for thought, then nothing will… 
Even better, those you love – two legged and four (!) – woke up too. 
You may want to read the last few sentences over again. And again. Let the enormity of this simple statement sink in, particularly after all the madness of the last few years. 
If you’d like to revisit our post from 2017, click here
So, now we’ve reminded you about the great gift you’re given free of charge (!) every single morning, how about giving a little thought to the best way to welcome in this brand new day? 
Having taken a quick straw poll of friends, family and clients here are some of the most popular ones: 
Staying in bed until the last possible minute, then rushing around like a demented thing – think headless chicken (!) – before getting into the car and rushing off to work / college / something else
Tuning into the “doom and gloom” – a.k.a. the News – and all that’s “wrong” with ourselves and the world we live in. 
Logging into social media or e mails, to see what we may have been missing out on while we slept. And, thank goodness, we did miss out on most of it too! 
Writing a long and impossible “to do” list – well, impossible from a logistics point of view – so giving the Little Monster in our heads plenty of ammunition to beat us up with later in the day. 
Perhaps having “one of those” (!) conversations with our nearest and dearest just to set us up in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. 
Skipping breakfast because it takes too long / too much effort. May be eating it on “the hoof” as we dash around the house before we go. Grabbing something on the way from a petrol station or convenience store. 
Feel free to add you own particular approach, if none of these are even close… 
Now here’s the million dollar question. 
Do any of these really help set us up for a great day??? 
And the answer has to be a resounding “no.” Or, more accurately, “NO”!!! 
So, how about a gentler – and kinder – start to the day? 
Starting with a big smile that we did wake up. SMILE!!! As did those we love. Another SMILE!!! 
Having a good stretch. If we’re so inclined doing a little Yoga, Pilates or something similar to help ease out the kinks. 
Perhaps taking a few minutes outside, whether it’s a quick potter in the garden or taking our four legged friend out to do the necessaries. A little fresh air, regardless of the time of year, is a great way to start the day! 
Then gently doing those things to get ourselves ready for the day. 
And that includes having breakfast. Yes, there really is time to top up our tanks before we start the day. In a leisurely fashion – in other words sitting down, not eaten on the hoof (!) – and something our bodies actually need. Fruit, healthy fats, protein, slow digesting complex carbohydrates. Not forgetting some water, yes, we really do need some first thing in the morning to replace that lost overnight. Caffeine – or sugar – laden drinks just don’t hit the spot. 
Research has consistently shown that our Mum – or Granny (!) – were right, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Look more closely and the clue is in the name. Break fast. Breaking the night’s fast and eating the first meal of the day. For a quick reminder why it’s so important, click here
Finally, before we really get going, here’s a radical thought. Do we need to be doing whatever it is in the first place? Just as important, if it really does need doing, are we the best person to be doing it?!? 
Then, we can start the day in earnest. Relaxed, refueled and ready for whatever it may hold. 
And, for a little added boost, why not set your intention for the day? It doesn’t need to be anything complicated or long winded. Just that it’ll be a great day. 
If that sounds a bit too fluffy and “new agey”, just ask yourself whether the favoured approach of assuming it’s going to be hell on wheels / “one of those days” / fill in the blank is really going to help the day go smoothly… That would be another resounding “no” (!). Well, “NO”!!! 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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