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First things first, a very happy and health New year. 
As Clients and regular readers of this blog know, we’re not fans of new year’s resolutions, for lots of different reasons (!) and so, each year, we suggest a lower key – and kinder – start to the new year. If you’d like a quick reminder why, click here and here
While it may seem like a bit of a cop out – after all who doesn’t like big, BIG gestures – small and steady usually wins the day. Just think of the hare and tortoise… 
So, what are we going to talk about this year? 
Well, we’ve come across another approach that can be started at any time of year and is a great alternative to new year’s resolutions. Even better, it’s very simple and easy to do. Easily becomes part of your life. 
It can be used for a physical aspect of yourself you’d like to improve. Say, being slimmer or fitter. Or a quality you’d like to exhibit more of. Being kinder or more patient, whether to yourself or others. Or you can go for more of a “catch all” approach. Being happier – the genuine variety which comes from inside not fuelled by having more “stuff” – or more joyful. 
Whichever it is, just start with a clear intention that this is what you desire. 
“I intend to be slimmer / fitter / kinder / more patient / happier / more joyful / something else this year.” 
Ideally, say it out loud to yourself. Not only at the start, but at the beginning of each day. Set it as your intention for today: 
“I intend to be a little slimmer / fitter / kinder / more patient / happier / more joyful / something else TODAY.” 
Then, at the end of the day, just before you go to sleep, take a moment to notice how your intention has played out during the day: 
“Have I been a little slimmer / fitter / kinder / more patient / happier / more joyful / something else TODAY?” 
In other words, have you made a tiny step – or big stride – in the direction you desire TODAY? 
Notice what you did to help yourself in that direction today. How it felt. What the result was. Then, give yourself a pat on the back. 
And if, for some reason, you didn’t seem to make any progress – or went backwards (!) – notice what happened. How it felt. Instead of beating yourself up, use it positively, as a learning experience. Perhaps, you tripped yourself up – whether inadvertently or not (!) – and are now more aware of this in the future. Remembering that everything is sent to help you – positive and less so – IF you allow it to. 
What you’ll quickly notice is how much easier it becomes to do whatever you desire to do. How quickly it becomes part of your life – and you – without you even realising it. How easily you make progress in the direction you desire. 
And, if you’d like a tip to help ease the process further, keep your intentions as general as possible. Why? Well, because it gives you many more situations to practice them – and so move your life ahead on more fronts. Being slimmer is a great intention but it’s very specific. Being kinder – or, even better, happier – is much more general and so helps open up your life on many more fronts. 
It’s then a case of “rinse and repeat”, which is how real change happens. In small steps, one at a time. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
Photograph by unknown author 
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