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We’ve often talked about the current day obsession with being “busy, busy, busy”. How being busy and being productive aren’t necessarily the same thing (!).  
And, yes, we know this simple observation tends not to go down very well, particularly with those who are “busy being busy.” If you need a quick reminder about why this is yet another example of backwards thinking, as well as a much simpler way to actually getting things done click here
However, it’s not being busy as such that we’d like to talk about today. Although being permanently distracted, rushed and stressed create many other problems; as we all know… 
Rather, it’s that being busy completely takes over your life and has a life of its own. Not to mention putting the Little Monster in your head firmly in the driving seat, with all too predictable results. 
However, there’s a much bigger problem with being “busy, busy, busy.” It leaves very little room for anything else to occur which, by a twist of irony, would make your life much easier. 
What are we talking about? Well, it’s known by many names. Gut feeling. Intuition. Inspiration. A flash of inspiration. Serendipity. 
Whatever you decide to call it, it’s “that feeling” or “the little voice” which brings fresh insights, new ideas or a sudden clarity about something in your life. 
Sometimes it’s a reminder about something you already knew or had used in the past, but had forgotten about. A solution that’s worked before or a “tweak” that would give the desired result. 
Other times, it’s much more radical. A completely new way to do something or a very different direction. Perhaps taking you entirely out of your comfort zone. 
Either way, it can only appear if there’s some room for it. And that means taking yourself out of the hurly burly of modern life to allow your mind to calm down and let inspiration come flooding in. 
We’ve all experienced this for ourselves many times in the past, usually when we least expected it. Thought – and talked (!) – something to death without results, then, when we’re quiet and relaxed the answer suddenly pops into our head. 
It’s why having some quiet time to ourselves every day is so important. And why answers always come when we least expect them. While walking, meditating, pottering at home or in the shower. 
To speed this process along, it’s important to be 100% clear on what you’d like a little help with. The question you’re asking. And don’t forget to keep your focus on what you do desire NOT what you don’t. They may be two sides of the same coin but they’re not the same thing at all. 
Then, once you’ve done that, just let it go and allow inspiration to come. Get on with your day rather than worrying it to death. It’s amazing just how quickly help will appear IF you allow it to. 
And here are some other little reminders about how to help the process along. Don’t try to micro manage WHAT happens or the way in which it happens. ONLY focus on the question, what you’d like some help with, NOT the “how”. “How on earth can that possibly happen?”. OR that it must happen in a certain timeframe or in a certain way. And definitely NOT one specific result. All each of these do is to limit the options further and further, making coming up with a magic solution much, much more difficult. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
Photograph by unknown author 
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