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Let’s talk about something we completely take for granted. That is until we have a problem. The magnificent creation that is the human body. And we’re not talking about the super fit or beautiful. Your body. All 100,000 billion cells of her (or him, with apologies to male readers!). 
Take a straw poll of your friends and family and we guarantee that most of them will say the same thing. They never gave any thought to their body until they had a problem. Or decided she needed changing in some way. Whether it be cancer, excess weight or acne; the reaction is usually the same. And it goes along these lines: “why did this happen, I had no idea anything was wrong.” 
Have you ever stopped to think how strange this is? The human body is the most complex creation and yet we never give her a second thought. Her adaptability. Natural intelligence. Innate healing ability. The scores of minute changes made every second to keep us functioning at an optimum level. 
All this happens automatically without any conscious effort or thought on our behalf. Or the need for an owner’s handbook or service history. Contrast this with even the smallest gadget these days – say a mobile phone – which comes with a small forest of operating instructions. 
This isn’t to say that she doesn’t tell us what she needs to function optimally. She does, we’ve just stopped listening to her. We don’t speak her language any more. Instead we take her resilience and adaptability for granted, lulling us into a false sense of security. Not to mention all the stories about people who smoked like chimneys, drank like fish and ate like lords without any apparent ill effects. 
And then suddenly we have a problem and can’t understand how it’s happened. But, truth be told, the warning signs had been there for a long time. We just didn’t pay any attention to them. But it’s never too late. The human body is incredibly forgiving. She wants to heal herself, to be well. We just have to learn to listen to her and give her what she needs to heal. It’s that simple. 
So what is this language we’ve forgotten? It’s knowing when “things don’t quite feel right.” The language of signs and symptoms. Of feelings and emotions. It’s not what our logical mind shouts at us, but what our intuition whispers quietly in the background. 
To some people this may sound too new agey and navel gazing. Too much like hard work. Infact the opposite is true. It’s simply about being in tune with ourselves as we go about our day to day lives. To know what’s “normal” for us. Noticing how we feel and when something is different, even if we can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. Making small changes to give our body what she needs, rather than letting things become problems to be addressed. 
Why not try it for yourself? As you get on with your life today try listening to what your body is trying to tell you. What is normal for you? 
What feels different today? 
You may be surprised by what you hear… 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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