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From time to time we all have “one of those days” – or possibly weeks (!) – where nothing quite goes to plan. Or we can’t even seem to do the simplest thing. And, for some inexplicable reason, it’s usually something we’ve done 100’s or 1000’s of times before without a second thought.  
Then, out of the blue, we just don’t seem able to do it. The good news is that you will tomorrow – or the next day (!) – when normal service resumes…. 
So, if this is you – or someone you know – then please just stop for a minute. 
Ignore the little monster in your head – or any armchair critics in the vicinity (!) – and take a deep breath. Or even two. 
Regardless of how you may feel at the moment – or how it may look – you ARE doing a good job. You REALLY ARE doing a good job. 
Then let the tension go. Smile to yourself or at someone else. Perhaps have a little laugh to yourself at the vagaries of life and the human condition. Yes, you ARE doing a good job. 
Life is all about up’s and down’s. Ebb and flow. There are always going to be some days – or tasks – that don’t quite go to plan. Despite all our best efforts. Perhaps from factors completely outside our control. Or, maybe, when we’re just not firing on all cylinders or feeling 100%. And that’s fine. 
The trick is not to beat yourself up about it. Or anyone else. Just let it be “one of those days”. 
And once you do something magical happens. You stop trying to force things to happen in the way you think they should. Or making yourself do things that – if you’re completely honest – your heart just isn’t in that day. And that’s fine. 
Just do the things you can do that day. Tomorrow is a brand new day. 
You ARE doing a good job. Yes, you REALLY ARE doing a good job. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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