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We all have them from time to time, those days where things don’t seem to flow as smoothly as we’d like. Or, perhaps, don’t seem to flow at all (!). When everything is so much more of an effort than usual… 
As with everything in life, there are many different reasons why this may be the case. 
Perhaps it’s an energy related issue, where we’re simply not firing on all cylinders or have run out of oomph (!). 
Maybe it’s more of a motivation / inspiration one, whether generally or for something in particular. 
Then there’s the other extreme, when we’re in “busy, busy, busy” mode. Also known as “Woman – or Man (!) – on a mission.” Rushing through our day trying to cram in as much as we can. 
And, without digressing too much, perhaps this would be a good time for yet another reminder that “busy” and “productive” are not necessarily the same thing… Moving swiftly on. 
Related to this is when we go into “problem” mode. Trying to “fix” whatever it is, right now, by any means possible. And we all know from experience what the end result will be. A huge amount of effort, for a less than optimum solution, that’s if we manage to get that far as all. Cue major frustration and, quite probably, having to do it all over again another day… 
We’re sure you can come up with many other scenarios of your own, all of which have the same end result. One of those days. 
So, the question is, how to stop the downward spiral turning into a freefall plummet? 
Well, as always, the first thing is to stop and notice how you’re feeling. All the little warning signs that you’re heading towards – or deeply submerged (!) – in “one of those days.” And we’re sure you know what they are – or someone around you will be kind enough to point them out to you (!). Possibly from a safe distance… 
While it may seem like a very simple thing to do, just by doing this, you’ve broken the pattern. This is why it’s known as “Pattern Interrupt”. You’ve interrupted the pattern of whatever it is before it plummets any further downhill. Just as important, you’ve taken back control of your mind from the Little Monster in your Head. You’re back in the driving seat. Hurrah! 
Now it’s simply a case of doing something completely unconnected with whatever you were doing before to help get your head – and energy – moving in a more positive direction. To start feeling better. 
And, “yes” we know this is completely counter intuitive to the usual approach of relying on sheer momentum and, sometimes, brute force to get through one of those days. Put another way, think of it as a mini holiday or time out, to help recharge your batteries – and regroup – before returning to your day. 
It can be as short as a minute or two. 
Taking 10 slow and deep breaths. Feeling your shoulders relax and stress levels plummet as you do. 
Cloud watching out of the window for a minute or two. 
Simply “zoning out” and letting your mind clear. 
Engaging with something that makes you feel good. Listening to some music or a talking book / podcast. Watching something genuinely uplifting. Reading a little of your favourite book. 
Quickly thinking of 10 very small things you’re grateful for right now. 
Or, perhaps, taking a little longer. Say, 10 or 15 minutes. 
A potter round the garden or short walk round the block without any of the modern distractions. ie, phone or i pod. Feeling the sunshine on your face, perhaps, the wind too. Noticing the world around you and how it subtly changes every day. 
If you’re so inclined, a short meditation. 
A quick catch up with a friend or family member – one of the cheerful ones, not someone who’s going to pull you down even further (!). We’re sure you know who they are… 
And, finally, here are a couple of others you may not have thought of. 
Tackling one of those very small tolerations we talked about a couple of weeks ago. If you need a quick reminder, you can find the post here. Not only is it incredibly satisfying to clear up one of those small things you’ve been meaning to do – and keep turning a blind eye to – but it instantly removes a small drain on your energy. Even better, they usually take much less time to do than expected. But that isn’t the important bit. It’s the “feel good” factor of having done it, which acts as an instant boost and helps get your day back on track. 
Similarly, doing something small for someone else is another easy way to turn things around. Not only will you feel better for having done so but, even better, so does someone else. A real “win win” for all concerned. Hurrah! 
Regardless of how long it takes, any Pattern Interrupt acts as a very quick and easy reset. You’ll quickly start to notice your energy changing. Feel lighter and better in yourself. And that’s the cue you’re back in the flow. Ready to rejoin your day. 
Oh, and one last little tip to help smooth your path further. 
Rather than simply trying to pick up where you left off, allow a moment for inspiration to come. What do you feel inspired to do next? In other words, what would feel “good” to do right now? 
It doesn’t matter whether it’s related to what you were trying to do or feel you “should” do – and chances are it won’t be. 
Instead, be guided by what feels good to do right now. Not only will it definitely get your energy and emotions flowing in the right direction, but will ensure that whatever it is gets done more easily. 
Then simply “rinse and repeat”. You’ll be amazed how much gets done – and how easily you do so too. One of those days has turned into one of those great days!!! 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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