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It’s a trap that’s all too easy to fall into. And, if we’re honest, we’ve all been caught by it at one time or another, particularly as children, if not as adults. Assuming the world revolves us. That our needs are the most important and everyone / everything else has to fit in round us. Thank you very much! 
While on one hand, this is true – we are each the centre of our own little world – we’re only one of billions of people on this lovely planet of ours. Not forgetting everything else that calls Earth “home”, let alone further afield in the Universe. If that doesn’t give you a new perspective, nothing will… 
However, what’s easy to overlook is how our own little world interacts with all those we come into contact with each day. Let alone the wider world. And it doesn’t matter what form that contact takes. Everything we do, say and think – yes, our thoughts really do have power – has an effect, whether immediately obvious or not. 
Here are a couple of analogies that may help. 
The first is a very popular one, the ripples that flow out when a stone is dropped into a pool of water. Now think of what happens when many stones are thrown into the same pool of water at the same time… 
The second, less so, but is still quite striking. Remember Venn diagrams from school? You know, the ones with all the overlapping circles. They’re a great illustration of how our lives – our little worlds – overlap with those we come in contact with in some way. 
To start with, this different perspective on life can feel rather overwhelming. No longer are we living separate and self contained lives but having an immediate and ongoing effect on the world around us. We really do live in an interactive world, even though we’ve never truly been aware of it. Sending ripples out into the world around us all the time AND, just as important, so is everything and everyone else too! 
Now we’ve given you something to think about (!) where are we going with this? 
Well, it’s just about becoming more aware of how much impact we have on those we come in contact with – regardless of the form that contact takes – as well as the wider world around us. We’re not only creating our own little worlds but having a direct and ongoing impact on the world around us too. 
With our focus tending to be on “doing”, it’s easy for us to see the effects of our physical actions. After all, they’re usually playing out right in front of us! 
What we don’t seem to be so aware of are the effects of our words – both on ourselves and those they’re directed at – AND our thoughts. However, both have their own energy and consequences. At its simplest, the “vibe” we put out by our words and thoughts not only impacts us directly but also those around us and, then, comes rippling straight back to us. And we’ve all experienced this on the receiving end many times. 
Perhaps, finding our spirits being instantly dragged down by someone we come in contact with, even though we were feeling fine beforehand. Or the other way, those people who can instantly raise our mood, often only by thinking of them! 
And it doesn’t just happen on a one to one basis. The charismatic speaker who seems able to mould the energy and mood of the largest venue without any apparent effort. The energy and mood changing at a sporting venue depending on how your team performs. 
Exactly the same thing can happen at a distance too. Think of large numbers of people tuning into the same programme on television or reading the same story in the newspapers. Thinking about it. Talking about it. The amount of emotions and energy generated, all directed towards the same event or person. If it’s positive, that’s great for everyone concerned. But what about if it’s negative, would you really want to be on the receiving end of that??? Let alone its effects on all the people generating all those negative emotions and energy. And we bet you’ve never thought of any of those “big” potentially world changing events in those terms before… 
This is why it’s so important to be aware of what we’re focusing on – and putting our energy into – regardless of how we’re doing it. Or as it used to be said “by thought, word and deed.” The positive and the negative. And, most importantly, the effect this has on all those concerned, as well as those on the receiving end. Then how these effects are multiplied when many people are doing exactly the same thing… 
If this all sounds too much like navel gazing and hard work – particularly hard work (!) – this doesn’t need to be the case. Simply being a little kinder – and, dare we say it, a bit more tolerant – to ourselves and everyone we come into contact with in any way is all that’s needed. Especially in our thoughts. Sending out kinder and gentler ripples into the world around us and, as an added bonus, receiving the same in return. If you need a very simple reminder, you can’t go far wrong with the three sieves approach. Is it true? Is it good? Is it useful? 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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