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And, yes, we know it’s a very clever play on words, but that doesn’t stop it from being true... 
Assumptions really do make an ASS out of U and ME… 
So, the question is, why do we carry on making them??? 
Well, as so often is the case, it’s not really us doing it. It’s the Little Monster in our head. He loves making assumptions, which are really just judgements in disguise. 
Which brings us straight back to the same question again. Why do we do it? 
Well, to start with, assumptions are the quickest way to weigh up a person or situation. 
Even better, they’re simple and automatic. No thinking is involved, just a simple knee jerk reaction. 
And, last – but definitely not least – they create certainty. So, we know beforehand exactly how we’re likely to view – and then react to – any person or situation. And if there’s one thing the Little Monster in our heads craves, it’s certainty. 
Unfortunately, as the very clever play on words demonstrates, there’s a very big downside to this approach. It means we don’t stop to think – and weigh up – the person or situation, but do exactly the same thing over and over again. With all too predictable results… 
Assumptions really do make an ASS out of U and ME
So, what’s the answer? 
Well, as usual, there are some very simple solutions. Here are two to get you going: 
The first is very obvious and, yet, something we forget to do. Or, are too embarrassed to do. If something is unclear, simply ask. “I’m not sure about this / can you explain this to me / this is how I’m seeing it, how about you / fill in the blank(s)???” For more on this approach, click here
The second less so and, for this reason, can be seen as a rather radical approach by some people. Certainly the Little Monster in your head. 
Not to make an assumption – or judgement (!) – about anything in the first place. Instead, simply observe everything from a “that’s interesting” point of view. 
Not only does it stop you from being drawn into things that are really nothing to do with you (!), but you’ll find life becomes much easier. Flows more easily. Not to mention becoming much more interesting. 
Even better, you’ll learn lots of things about the people and events in your life, not to mention yourself… And, again, if you’d like to find out more about this approach click here
Oh and for those who think they’re open minded and don’t make assumptions about anything (!) here’s a little challenge. Go through a whole day by noticing how you react to whatever happens in your life. And how much of that is based on knee jerk assumptions or judgements. You’ll probably be VERY surprised by what you learn about yourself… 
Yes, assumptions really do make and ASS out of U and ME
As always, the choice is yours. 
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