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We’re often asked where we get the inspiration for the topics we write about each week in this blog. Well, the answer is twofold and quite simple. 
Some of the time inspiration comes from one of the many articles we’ve seen on the various channels and blogs we subscribe to or from a “proper” ink on paper book. Old fashioned, we know, but there’s nothing quite like sitting down in a comfy chair with your favourite beverage and an interesting book. 
As we’re always encouraging people to do, we do ongoing research – and a lot of it (!) – from many different sources each day. And, “no”, this isn’t nearly as onerous or time consuming as it may initially sound (!). Just stop for a minute and add up all the time you spend each day watching the news, reading the paper and looking at online sites. And that’s without aimless googling and the ever distracting social media. We know you can think of lots of reasons not to tot it all up, but can guarantee it’ll add up to much more than you ever realised. 
Then, just think what you could achieve with even a fraction of that time on more focussed research. Finding sources for yourself – both those that reflect your current understanding on the topic and, more importantly, those that don’t – inwardly digesting them and finally reaching your own conclusions on it… 
The rest of the time, blog posts simply reflect the conversations we’ve been having with Clients recently. And, of course, family and friends. For some reason we’ve never been quite able to fathom, we find that the same topic and / or health concern will keep coming up with Clients for a few days – or weeks – and then be replaced by something completely different. As this usually triggers some additional research on our part, it’s only a short step to writing a blog post about it. We like to think of it as on the job training, kindly provided by those around us, also known as CPD. Continuing Professional Development. Clients never seem to realise that we learn as much from them as they do from us… 
Not surprisingly, over the last year or so, the ongoing madness has featured prominently in many conversations we’ve had with Clients. Not to mention friends and family too. We’ve written about it a number of times and some of the links can be found here, here and here
Despite the so called “Freedom Day” these conversations have continued, albeit in a slightly direction; due to the ongoing polarisation of people into different “pro” and “anti” camps gaining pace. Not forgetting a huge amount of peer pressure and emotional blackmail thrown in for good measure. The end result is that many people – and more than you’d think – are increasingly finding themselves stranded in “no man’s land”. Feeling pressurised to make decisions and lifestyle changes that don’t resonate with them. Ostracised if they don’t. 
We know we’ve said it many times before (!) but we’re going to say it again. Your decisions are your business and no one else’s. You don’t have to discuss them with anyone else, unless you want to, and NEVER have to justify them either. It’s simply a case of making an informed decision at that moment in time and doing what feels right for you. In other words, doing a little research of your own and looking at all sides, whether they accord with your current thinking or not. And then, having done this, remembering that every decision will have consequences – positive and less so – and being prepared to deal with them if / when they arise. It really is a simple process even if it sometimes feels exactly the opposite. Deep calming breaths all round… 
And, finally, one other crucial thing that seems to be increasingly overlooked these days. To respect everyone’s decisions, whether they accord with yours or not. After all, how can you expect others to respect your decisions, if you don’t do the same for them? 
We’d like to finish today with some words of wisdom we recently came across in this respect which Clients have been finding helpful: 
“For some people, the greatest obstacle is fear of judgment or ridicule. First of all, are other people really interested in what you do, and do they have the time to make judgments about you? Do not worry about what someone else thinks. What happens in their mind is their problem. You should be concerned with the quality of your mind. That will improve your life. Do not worry about the quality and content of other people’s minds. If you are concerned about what others may think, you will go crazy, because it is all guess work. If you think something is worth doing, just do it, no matter what someone else may think. And if someone laughs at you, you can laugh with them. Possibly, they will help you out of something that you may be doing wrong. But anyway, most people are not thinking about you. They are too busy with their own stuff.” Sadhguru. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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