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A couple of weeks’ ago we talked about the pitfalls of making assumptions – whether we’re aware of it at the time or not (!) – and how they can, all too easily, make an ASS out of U and ME. And, we’ve all had experience of that more times than we’d care to admit too… If you missed the post, you can find it here
As so often is the case, this post has prompted some interesting conversations with Clients and got us thinking about how one very simple – and general – assumption could be your friend. So, we thought we’d share it with you this week. 
Then here it is. 
Making the assumption that everything – and everyone – in your life is sent to help you in some way. Whether it’s positively – yes, I’d like more of that, thank you very much (!) – or less so – no, I’d prefer not to have any more of that (!). 
In other words, it’s about letting every experience – or person (!) – help clarify exactly what you really do desire. So, allowing you to focus your attention and energy in a positive direction. The one you really desire. Either reinforcing it as a “good thing” or providing the contrast for what you’d like instead. And, “yes” it really can be that simple. To find out more click here
And, here’s a radical thought that’s easy to overlook. While it may not always seem like it, being clear on what you don’t want is just as helpful as finding out what you do. In both cases, it’s about narrowing down your options, so helping you head in the “right” direction. And, by that we mean the “right” direction for you rather than for someone else. In other words, it’s a “win win” solution. Hurrah! 
Oh, and before we go, here are some other suggestions from Clients of assumptions that would help take you in the same direction and can also be your friend: 
Assume everyone likes you 
Assume everyone wants to help 
Assume you’re doing better than you think 
Assume life is easier than you’re making it 
We’re sure you get the idea… 
And, yes, we know that some – or all (!) – of these may feel a little uncomfortable at first, to say the least... But here’s the trick. If you can start to believe they’re true, then they’re true for you. You don’t have to be 100% convinced, just willing to let them be true for you. Once you do, life will start to flow much more easily. It really can be that easy. 
As always, the choice is yours. 
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